In 2010, being a 3rd year student of the faculty of Human Health, I had an opportunity (the selection was held among many students, who were willing to go!) to do my internship as a volunteer at the Camp of Active Rehabilitation (CAR). In a team with other young people I worked with “wheelchairers”, who living under different conditions, in different circumstances, in different cities and families, having diverse opinions and worldviews, unfortunately all got cervical spine traumas. This is a very serious trauma. And imagine my surprise: these “neckers” (as they call each other), people with limited abilities, are learning to live in a new way, are learning to be happy!

ТАР 2010

And yes! In ten days we indeed became one family! When I was leaving, I was crying, because I felt that I lived a whole new life in the CAR. After coming back home, I was looking at the pictures and called the album “Little life”…

I have to admit that it was not sweet to help adult people to learn living all over again: to wake up, to get dressed, to eat, to do sports, to communicate, to admire every minute, to go out, to laugh, to go to sleep… And even though many of the participants will never be able to walk again, this does not mean that they will not be able to be really happy, to live the life to its fullest, to improve their own life and the life of people around, to think positively.

Then I reached an important conclusion: one has to fight for life! To believe in oneself! Not to stop, when some things are already achieved! One has to set great goals and strive for them! Facing different stories of people in wheelchairs, I realized that my student life is a plenty of opportunities and perspective for development. After coming home, I said to myself: “Nastya, act!”.

ТАР 2010

I sincerely wish health and happiness to all former and future participants and instructors of the camps of active rehabilitation.