Група Активної Реабілітації

#Camp of active rehabilitation is a space, where every actor becomes better every day

Volunteering in the camp of active rehabilitation (CAR) became one of the most powerful experiences in my professional life, as well as in my life overall. Only two weeks of restless work, where you change your life and the lives of other people, working as an important detail of a well-functioning mechanism called team, a team of people who are devoted to their work.

Olena Klymenko, Lviv

На таборі

I started getting to know the world of people with limited abilities by doing research on life path and life perspective formation and attitude towards one’s life. However, many answers were not there, and I looked at most things quite stereotypically with my own prejudices. For all scientific remains artificial without experience.

Volunteering in CAR allowed me to open the door in the world of people with limited abilities. This camp, without exaggerating, has changed my views on life and some structures in my personality dramatically and “assisted” me in writing my dissertation.


На таборі

I also managed to feel for the first time what a team is; and how important it is to dedicate yourself to what you’re doing without compromises.

Sometimes it was not just difficult, but very difficult. Sometimes I could not understand what I was there for and what was I doing there. Eventually, it seems that developing yourself, you help others to grow. CAR for me is a certain symbiotic space, where every actor becomes better every day. And this is, probably, the core of human essense.

In the world of rehabilitation, I feel a little sand particle on the sea shore, but a very important one.

In the dissertation I am about to finish, I have something to tell the world and to share.

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