I have to admit that my first camp was a surprising experience for me. If someone would have told me what would be going on there, I would have never believed that I could like it. Moreover, I would never assume that I could like it THAT much!

Техніка переміщення з полу

Instructors and participants of the camp are people with cervical spine traumas who do not have so many physical possibilities, but who have a lot of willpower. Many participants constantly needed support and safeguarding, therefore sometimes we lacked time not only for relaxation, but also for finishing the soup during lunch. At the same time, my physical fatigue was fully compensated by the joy I received from this volunteering, from talking to participants, from their humour and incredible energy and optimism that were prevailing in the camp.

Moreover, we (other volunteers from the service team and I) received a good training and preparation before the camp, where many details of communication and work with wheelchairers were explained. This allowed avoiding many difficulties during the process, making the camp really professional and simply great. I find it stunning!