Група Активної Реабілітації

#How important it not just to look, but also to be willing to see and understand

I was volunteering in the CAR a few years ago, but I am still re-examining this experience from time to time.



First I thought that a whole new world suddenly opened to me. I thought that it enriched me as a person very much… Now, looking back, I think that it was rather a lesson about how important it is in interactions with people not just to look, but also to be willing to see and understand. And this, as it turned out, is difficult… I definitely do not recommend going there purely out of curiosity.

I also got a practical bonus: it was important to me to get an overview of basic techniques of physically supporting adult people, because I always had a fear that if someone in my surrounding would need my physical help, I wouldn’t know what to do. Now I know that even though sometimes this is not easy, but there is nothing scary about it and one can learn it relatively fast.