Група Активної Реабілітації


If you are young, active and looking for more practical skills and knowledge, we invite you to work in a volunteer service group at the active rehabilitation camp.

Active rehabilitation camp is a 12 day (fortnight) intensive course of theoretical and practical lessons for people with different spinal cord injuries who are in wheelchairs now. The main teachers throughout the program are instructors in wheelchairs.

There is a group of volunteers at each camp. These volunteers (10 to 15 people) are usually specialists in physical rehabilitation, medical staff, psychologists, social workers, teachers and other professionals. The average age of volunteers is 16-40.

The main tasks for volunteers are to prepare the training places, to insure participants’ safety during any sport activities (such as tennis, swimming, general physical preparation, archery etc.), to help with some routine activities, that a person is not able to do by him/herself.
Workshops on psychological and moral aspects of volunteer work are held before the beginning of the camp. Volunteers learn the technology and ways of transportation in a wheelchair, how to ensure participants’ safety in activities and everyday routine. What is more, the program is full of various recreational and entertainment activities.
Work at the camp is a great opportunity to gain experience in work with disabled people, make new interesting acquaintances, be active and take the most of your time. Each volunteer receives a certificate at the end of the camp. Tickets, accommodation and meals during the event are provided.


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