Who can be a member of the AR camp?

Adult people with citizenship of Ukraine may participate in the active rehabilitation camp. Camp participants can be people who have injuries of spinal cord, resulting in a usage of a wheel chair for movement. An obligatory requirement for participation in the camp is the presence of active type wheelchair!

What do you need to get to the prospect participants of the camp?

Meet the requirements for candidates and fill out the form, follow the news about the camps on our website and inform the organizers about the desire to participate. Even if you have a wound, we encourage you to complete the questionnaire because there is a big queue wanting to get to the camp, however at the moment of camp invitation the wound may be healed already. So you will not lose precious time!

How much is participation fee?

Participation in the camp is absolutely free. Participant pays only the cost of travel for return ticket.

What is item 6 in the individual rehabilitation program (IRP) and where to get it?

In accordance to the Regulations on medical and social expertise and the Regulations on the conditions and criteria for disability approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 03.12.2009 № 1317 in the edition 31, May, 2012 р. № 485 and instructions on disability group approved by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine of 05.09.2011 № 561 registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 14, 2011 № 1295/20033 MSEK makes an individual rehabilitation program (IRP). The procedure MSEK takes for the establishing of IRP is the same as in group disability. Item 6 is a recommendation to participate in the camps of sports rehabilitation, without which we can not take a member of the camp, which is for state funds.

What is the active wheelchair and how it looks?

Active wheelchairs are designed for people with disabilities who lead an active lifestyle. On such wheelchairs it can be easily and quickly move, do some sports. They combine lightness, ease of management, flexibility, reliability, high durability, quick and easy assembly. Material of manufacture are steel, aluminium and titanium alloys. Also active type wheelchairs’ feature is a possibility of adjustment of the axis of the rear wheels tilt back, height of footrests. Back wheels are easy to change.

Is it possible to bring attendant? I’ll pay for him myself.

There is no possibility to have an attendant. Those interested can fill in the application form in the service group, but you will not get into one camp.

Can my relatives visit me during the camp?

They can do this only in the “open day”. The presence of relatives in the camp is strictly prohibited! The camp has a group of services and a physician undergoing training on support and assistance to people living with the consequences of injuries of the spinal cord and spine, so the entire spectrum of needed help participants will receive in time and qualitatively.

Can people from other countries participate in the camp? If YES, then how?

They can, if the camp is held not for the state budget. You need to ensure payment of participation. Currently, camps are held exclusively by public funds.

I watched the video and photos of the AR camp and saw there were only strong people, and I can barely do anything myself. What do I have to do and how can I be there alone?

Learning to become a strong and independent, this is what the camp is held for. Service group provides a safe learning independence. Most instructors had the same way to independence!

What reasons can serve as a refusal for camp participation?

Health status (pressure sores, acute infections, etc.).

If during the camp I need medical help, will I get it?

Yes, staff obligatory includes nurse and each camp participant has a health insurance.

Can I leave the camp during its duration?

No, you can not.

If I have no active wheelchair, can I become a member of the camp?

You can, if notify the organizers. (To address the issue of providing an active wheelchair for camp duration period)

Is it possible to use electric wheelchair in the camp if one cannot move on one’s own?

No, you can not.

What will happen if I violate the rules – leave the camp without notification, will break the regime, will be caught with a smell of alcohol?

The participant who violates the rules of staying in the camp of Active rehabilitation will be immediately sent home at his own expense, the same day and time as he will be convicted of violations. If material damage is caused – you will be asked to compensate it fully.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please email us and we will promptly give an answer.